The Knowledge of God: How to Teach The Bible In your Homeschool For Life-Time Transformation

The Knowledge of God - How to Make God and the Bible the Center of Your Home Education

Charlotte Mason said: “Of the three sorts of knowledge proper to a child, the knowledge of God, of man, and of the universe,--the knowledge of God ranks first in importance, is indispensable, and most happy-making.” If The Knowledge if God should be the most important thing we teach our kids, why is it that we spend so much time in other subjects and how can we make it a complete priority from now on? Join Ana as she gives you daily practical ways to make The Knowledge of God front and center in your Charlotte Mason home education in order to produce Godly character, spiritual growth, and a legacy for God’s glory.

(An exclusive workshop presented at the 2020 Charlotte Mason Inspired Fall Retreat)

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