The Sisterhood Creed

**You are officially in The Homeschool Sisterhood family and with that comes great responsibility. So take a moment to review our Sisterhood Creed and comment I’M IN below. 👇🏼


By joining THE HOMESCHOOL SISTERHOOD, I acknowledge that I am committed to my success and whatever I can do to contribute to the success of the THE HOMESCHOOL SISTERHOOD community.

👉 I commit to the process:

  1. I will make my membership a priority because I am committed to serve my family well and the difference my children will make in this world.
  2. I will try things that may not feel comfortable because I know that even if I fail, it will lead to learning that contributes to my progress.
  3. I will do my best to keep moving forward and reach out to THE HOMESCHOOL SISTERHOOD community when I feel stuck.
  4. I will use THE HOMESCHOOL SISTERHOOD resources and resources from They Call Me Blessed blog as tools to implement what I learn easier and faster, not as required learning material that slows my progress.

👉 I commit to myself:

  1. I promise myself to be consistently faithful to the pursuit of my homeschool vision.
  2. I know I will get the most from my HOMESCHOOL SISTERHOOD experience if I show up, contribute honestly, and take action on what I learn.
  3. I will do my best to abolish any limiting beliefs that arise and believe in my ability to achieve growth, transformation, and real rest.
  4. I wholeheartedly embrace the fact that my results are dependent upon me and the depth of my commitment. I will not blame others for my lack of progress.

👉 I commit to our sisterhood community:

  1. I will be open and honest regarding my successes, struggles, and fears.
  2. I promise to be a source of encouragement and support for all of my fellow homeschool sisters.
  3. I will have a positive mindset and offer value to fellow sisters wherever possible.
  4. I will protect our Sisterhood culture by respecting others, practicing compassion, and remembering to lift other up and have fun, too.

In short, I have read this document. I realize that I am responsible for my own outcome, and I am fully committed to the process, to THE HOMESCHOOL SISTERHOOD community, and to myself.

I’m excited to get it going!

Download, print, and sign The Sisterhood Creed here. Read it out loud to your family and ask your spouse and kids to sign as witnesses.

The Sisterhood Creed (1) (1).pdf

One More Thing!

Once you printed and signed it, take a picture holding it and posted in the comments below to show us that your ALL IN and on board!

I can't wait to see your picture!