The 7Cs of Successful Homeschooling

Theses 7Cs Are the Main Ingredients to A Successful Homeschool Recipe

Missing one or more of these can compromise your homeschool success.

  1. CLARITY (clear goals/plans)
  2. CURRICULUM (right resources/tools for YOUR family! Each one is unique with different needs)
  3. CONSISTENCY (you won't see progress without consistency)
  4. CONTENTMENT (rather than wishing things were different, appreciate where you are)
  5. COMMUNITY (real support & encouragement without comparison or judgement)
  6. CONFIDENCE (often comes along the clarity, the right content, and consistency)
  7. CELEBRATION (celebrate progress, not perfection)

Print out this checklist to help you keeping your 7Cs in check!

The 7Cs of Homeschooling.pdf