What is Devoted?

Devoted is a brand new Hebrew Scripture study for women who wants to dig deeper into God's Word. Devoted's members have immediate access to 8 printable lessons, video lessons, and the Devoted Community App.

The word devoted in Hebrew is "mukdash". Mukdah comes from the word Kadosh in Hebrew meaning holy, set apart. It is a sister word to "mikdash" the Hebrew word for sanctuary.

Mukdash means devoted, dedicated, consecrated - isn't that what we all desire to be?

With the new Devoted studies you will:

  • Learn Biblical vocabulary
  • Translate Scriptures word-by-word
  • Dig into the full meaning of every word in each verse
  • Learn how to say and write each verse in Hebrew
  • Memorize each verse in English and Hebrew
  • Practice lettering in English
  • And so much more!

Devoted: Prince of Peace Hebrew Scripture Study

A word-by-word study of Isaiah's messianic prophecies.