ART MIDDLEKAUFF - The Perfect Charlotte Mason Education

The Perfect Charlotte Mason Education

When people first hear about the Charlotte Mason method, many decide they want to try it out. They start small, with a few elements such as nature study and narration. Over time they begin to see results in their family, and they want more. For some, this becomes a quest for the perfect Charlotte Mason education. But prudence would ask, is more always better? Is there even a way to do it all? Or is the perfect Charlotte Mason education something other than checking all the boxes? If so, what is it? Come with an open mind to consider what is the very best that Charlotte Mason has for your family.

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Art and his wife Barbara have been home educating their three children for more than a decade. Over this time, Art has been studying Charlotte Mason’s writings and applying her living ideas to his family’s homeschool. Art tells the story of how his discovery of Charlotte Mason led to a personal transformation and a dangerous adventure. 

Art has written several essays about Charlotte Mason’s theology and philosophy which have been published in the two volumes of Essays on the Life and Work of Charlotte Mason, published by Riverbend Press. Art has also produced a video about Charlotte Mason’s twenty principles which may be obtained from Sage Parnassus. Art walks in Mason’s theological tradition as a member of an Anglican church near Detroit, Michigan

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