Ana Willis: Scheduling the Feast of Subjects: What, Why & How.

Scheduling A Feast of Subjects: What, Why & How. 

Doesn’t Bible, math, history, geography, science, reading, spelling, writing, grammar keep your homeschool day busy enough? How would you also make time for art, handicrafts, foreign language, literature, music, poetry, folk songs, hymn, Plutarch and even Shakespeare? How many hours a day will your homeschool day last?

In this workshop, we will learn Ms. Mason’s concept of spreading a feast of ideas for your child to feed on and the practical steps to schedule this feast of ideas into your homeschool day.


Ana is one of the organizers of the Charlotte Mason Online Conference. She is a homeschool mom of 3 turned into homeschool blogger. She is an entrepreneur and passionate Bible and Hebrew teacher. She loves helping homeschool moms to find joy in their homeschool, to be more organized, grow in their faith, and even make an income working from home! Her goal is to help moms go from stressed to blessed and live a beyond blessed life. Ana studied Theology at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and has a double Bachelor's degree in Biblical and Jewish Studies. She is the founder of Hebrew for Homeschoolers, a course that teaches homeschool families to read, write and speak Hebrew in 4 to 10 weeks.

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