Workshops Schedule

Charlotte Mason Online Conference

Workshops Schedule

**Pacific Time Zone**

Monday, June 24 - Getting Started with Charlotte Mason

1:00 PM Ana Willis WWCD? A Charlotte Mason Education in the 21st Century

2:00 PM Dollie Freeman Self-Education: The Pinnacle Ideal of the Charlotte Mason Way 

3:00 PM Kay Chance How to Grow Faith & Disciple Kids with Bible Study + Journaling

4:00 PM Crystal & John Schindele Why? Not just a question for Preschoolers

5:00 PM Tatiana Adurias Fostering a Charlotte Mason Community

Tuesday, June 25 - Early Years, Nature Study & Handicrafts

1:00 PM Amy Fischer Before Curriculum: Using Charlotte Mason's Educational Tools in your Home

2:00 PM Sarah Bliss The Intricacies of Nature Study

3:00 PM Meghann Dibrell Handicrafts for Whole Body Learning

4:00 PM Angela O'Dell Growing Naturally in Language Skills

5:00 PM Jennifer Dowdy Charlotte Mason in the Early Years

Wednesday, June 26 - Charlotte Mason Curriculum for All Ages

1:00 PM Angela O'Dell Learning & Teaching History from a Biblical Worldview

2:00 PM Jeannie Fulbright 5 Steps to a Superior Science Education

3:00 PM Julie Ross The Pageant of History

4:00 PM Chelli Guthrie Encouraging You and Your Reluctant Writer

5:00 PM Ashley Wiggers Making Geography Memorable

Thursday, June 27 - Living Literature, Shakespeare and the Arts

1:00 PM Gena Mayo Doing Music the Charlotte Mason Way

2:00 PM Gena Mayo "Me? Teach Shakespeare? Then it has to be easy."

3:00 PM Dachelle McVey Add Enchantment to Your Homeschool through Literature

4:00 PM Erica Johns The Gift of The Arts

5:00 PM Diana Waring From Ordinary to Extraordinary—A Multi-Faceted Approach to Learning

Friday, June 28 - Habit Training & God’s Purpose for Our Homeschool

1:00 PM Cori Dean What is a Biblical Home Education?

2:00 PM Kathie Morrisey Training Character Into Your Children

3:00 PM Tara Wholford Spirit Led Homeschooling

4:00 PM Charlene Notgrass Homeschooling: The Making of Theodore Roosevelt

5:00 PM Lee Felix 4 Keys to Keep an Encouraged Homeschool Mama Heart

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