Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith is a homeschool mom who lives with her family in Alaska. As a child, she traveled extensively with her missionary parents. 

When not receiving treatments for a debilitating illness, Rachel can be found cooking wholesome meals, writing and exploring the Alaskan wilderness with her children. 

Inspired by her husband and children with dyslexia, Rachel has written these easy-to-read books especially for those who struggle with the learning difference.

Elsie's Story

Elsie is a little Athabaskan girl living in Alaska during WW2. Her story highlights the evolving culture of that particular era.... Athabaskan culture swirled with hints of Russia and touches of modern American influence. Will the American soldiers defeat the Japanese and take back the islands? Join Elsie as she learns about heavy knowledge, taking care of those in need, and watching the night sky light up with stories. Written in large print and dyslexic font.

Drawing From My Heart

Annie’s best friend has moved away. She misses Faith, and all the fun things they used to do together. Mama hands Annie a piece of paper and tell her to draw what she feels. Annie doesn’t understand and is frustrated, but over time she finally sees the big picture....and it’s good. It’s not easy, and it’s messy....but it’s good.