Week 1: Using "Puedo tener?", Review on Plurals & Adjectives, and the Librarian Recommends an Interesting Book (Lesson 1)

Week 1:

  • Puedo tener? May I have…? with Table Items
  • Review Pluralizing nouns & Adjectives
  • Learn New adjectives
  • Making sentences with New adjectives
  • Series Lesson 1 from Vol. 2- The Librarian Recommends an Interesting Book (Pg. 12 , Vol 2, Series #6)

Watch the recording here!

Practice at Home!

Use these worksheets to review what you learned and practice concepts at home :)

Puedo Tener?

Puedo tener? Can I have?.pdf

Review Plurals !

Reviewing Plurals.pdf

Create your own sentences using new adjectives!

New Adjectives.pdf
Los Meses del Año.pdf
Colores Review.pdf