A Letter From Your Teacher

¡Hola padres y estudiantes! Hello parents and students! 


Blessings to your families and thanks for signing up for Spanish for Homeschoolers Beginners Level 1 in partnership with They Call Me Blessed Academy! Welcome! I am so honored and excited to be teaching this course to you and your family, starting Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 (2:30-3:30 pm EST)! My hope is that the next ten weeks will be a sweet time of diving into the basics of Spanish, learning, and having fun together! 

Before your children or family begins the course, I’d like to give you a couple of tips and things for you to take note of:


I believe, just as Charlotte Mason did, that “the initial idea, that we must acquire a new language as a child acquires his mother tongue, is absolutely right…” and, “it is incontestable that the ear, and not the eye, is the physical organ for apprehending a language, just as truly as it is by the mouth, and not the ear, we appropriate food.” (Home Education, Volume 1, p.300-307). We learn our first mother language as children mainly through listening and repeating what others say, through using our senses, and mainly our ears! It happens in a natural and fluid way, and CM believed this was the most effective way to learn a new language- as living speech. In order to learn Spanish as a living speech, this course is designed for your children (and you, the parent, too, if you want to join in!) to listen, echo, and motion after me. Therefore, please say as I say, and do as I do in the videos (whether you are watching live or watching the recording) and I promise it will make a difference in your learning!

Please note the class will be live on Zoom via the following link and password:

Spanish 1 for Homeschoolers Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 815 7888 3610

Passcode: Espanol1

In addition to the class recording each week, which will be posted on Teachable, if there are any additional resources, activities, worksheets, on the topics we cover that I think your family may find useful for that week, these will also be posted there.


This is optional, but your children may also benefit from using a lined notebook (of any kind) for this course. I highly recommend it for those of you who have children who are past English reading level (3rd grade and higher). After learning a Charlotte Mason “Series”, they can use their notebook to transcribe them (copy the title and text it using their notebook, giving attention to all accents, spelling, etc.). This aids their retention as well as helps them with spelling etc. Again, this is optional, but maybe useful for your children, if they have the time for it!


Lastly, before the class starts, I would love to answer any questions you may have about the course and hear what you and your family would like to get out of it! Feel free to shoot me an email. It's so important for me to know you more personally and be there to truly help you in any area I can during the next ten weeks as you and your children are absorbing new knowledge! So please say hello, ask me anything, and tell me anything you’d like me to know about your family and your curiosity about Spanish! I want this to be an enriching time for you. So, I hope to hear from you soon!

¡Hasta pronto!

 Señora Smith

[email protected]

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