Lesson 1: Aleph, Bet, Vet, Nikkudot (Vowels), & Greetings

What a great start we had today! I love getting to know many of you during our first live class.

Please take a moment and let me know down in the comments a little bit about you and your family and why you chose to learn Hebrew in your homeschool. :)

Watch the replay of our first lesson here:

Download your Pashut Ivrit (Hebrew notebook) down below.

I recommend you print only the letters page for now and hang it on your homeschool room wall or on the refrigerator as it will be our focus on these next weeks.

Print and hang the numbers page only after we learn to count in Hebrew in class, and so on. That way the kids won't get confused. :)


Tips to help the little ones practicing their Hebrew even if they are not ready to write yet.

Check out this DIY ideas for Hebrew manipulatives: http://torahtoy.blogspot.com/2012/09/diy-aleph-bet-manipulatives.html

How about using LEGO, play-dough, or even buttons?

Be creative!

Feel free to add pictures of what and how you and the kids are practicing Hebrew to inspire other families. :)

Find free Hebrew worksheets to practice here: https://www.akhlah.com/hebrew/worksheets/

Our first words in Hebrew were:

אָב & אַבָּא

אָב is father and אַבָּא means daddy.

This Lesson's Vocabulary:

Shalom - peace/hello/bye.

Ken - Yes.

Lo - No.

Tov - Good.

Tov meod - Very good.

Ani (Anee) - I/me.

--> Remember that in Hebrew we do not use the verb in the present tense. So if you want to say " I am David", you simply say "Ani David".

Naim - Nice.

Naim Meod - Nice to meet you.

Lehitraot - See you later.

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