Devoted Psalm 115 Hebrew Scripture Studies. A word-by-word study of Isaiah's Messianic prophecies

What is Devoted?

The word devoted in Hebrew is "mukdash". Mukdah comes from the word Kadosh in Hebrew meaning holy, set apart. It is a sister word to "mikdash" the Hebrew word for sanctuary.

Mukdash means devoted, dedicated, consecrated - isn't that what we all desire to be?

With the new Devoted studies we will:

  • Learn Biblical vocabulary
  • Translate Scriptures word-by-word
  • Dig into the full meaning of every word in each verse
  • Learn how to say and write each verse in Hebrew
  • Memorize each verse in English and Hebrew
  • Practice lettering in English
  • And so much more!

This is a brand new Hebrew Scripture study for women who wants to dig deeper into God's Word. Devoted's members will have access to 11 printable lessons and videos teaching how to read each word in Hebrew. Learn the full meaning of each vocabulary word in its original language.

Over 100 pages to help you dive deeper into God's Word in only 15 minutes a day 2x a week.

You will learn each Scripture verse-by-verse, word-by-word.

What Others Are Saying About Devoted

I have always wanted to learn Hebrew. But as a busy work-at-home homeschooling mom, I just didn't have the time. Then I discovered Ana's Devoted Hebrew Scripture Study! Because Ana understands the busy life of a work-at-home homeschooling mom, she has created a study that fits into my life that isn't overwhelming. Not only am I on my way to learning Hebrew, but I am also studying the Word of God (my favorite!). These studies are an answer to prayer and I look forward to digging into all of her studies.

-Carlie Kercheval,  

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Devoted: Psalm 115 Hebrew Scripture Study

A Word-By-Word Study of Psalm 115